Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Five Tibetan Rites


These next few posts are for the purpose of giving you, the reader, an insight into a combination of practises that have made quite a profound impact in their application. Now, by looking at the title it is obvious what the first of these three are. The five Tibetan rites, as they are commonly called, are to me an excellent tool to begin playing with energy, as their practise accelerates the spinning of ones chakra system and therefore the auric field, acting as a great catalyst for the breathwork to follow. The following  breathwork, which shall be discussed in later parts, are the six healing sounds leading into anapana meditation. The form of the six healing sounds practised is quite different from that popularised by Mantak Chia but rather is a version of the sounds as taught by the late Nan, Huai Chin. This version, believed to be the original, is a preparation for meditation intended to release tension so that the mind may be unhindered by discomfort arising from the body, having it's roots in the tantric systems of the Himalayas.

For the reader who has not heard of the Five Tibetan Rites, let me give a brief introduction. Peter Kelder (a pseudonym) wrote a book in 1939 called The Eye of Revelation in which he proceeds to tell the story of ...Read more

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