Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Giver of All Life

The Sun to us is the centre and the source of all that we are able to experience through our senses and beyond, apart from the stars (of which the Sun is also a star). All the planets of our solar system revolve around it and were once a part of the same primordial matter that eventually organised itself into what is now the solar system. The Sun, as all other stars, has within itself a singularity that is non-local (transcending time and space) connecting itself with the spiral of creation as it issues forth from the centre of our galaxy, and beyond from the beginning. As the life-force of the Universe (or Spiritus Mundi) is relayed from the First Cause, the spiral of creation manifests from the greatest scale down to the most minute particulate building blocks of life, as seen in the DNA.

We have all heard of how sunlight is necessary for the process of photosynthesis - a process that gives us both food to eat and oxygen to breathe. But what about the energy that keeps us warm, allows our blood to circulate and our cells to carry out their metabolic processes? Far-infrared radiation, in particular  -  a portion of the wavelength range of 4 to 14 microns, is able to be absorbed by and emitted from all life-forms and as a result does not burn the skin (while ultraviolet and near-mid infrared do). Therapies utilising far -infrared, popular in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, have spread across the globe and range from use as part of cancer treatment to the purely cosmetic such as the removal of cellulite. Lin Housheng, a qigong master famous for anaesthetising a thyroid-surgery patient by issuing qi from his fingertips to a pressure point, has worked with Japanese inventors to create a range of therapeutic devices utilising far-infrared radiation.

Far infrared radiation (FIR), because of its wavelength, is able to penetrate approx. two inches into human tissue. If one is continuously exposed to the source of FIR the subject will continue to absorb the rays deeper into the body, increasing microcirculation and detoxification, cellular renewal and healing. The basis for this is that we are composed of mainly water, and FIR causes the bond angles of the water molecules to get smaller and smaller - thus creating an environment in which molecules beneficial to life are more easily structured and absorbed by the cells, whilst toxins are removed. Dr Gerald Pollack, PhD speaks of a fourth phase of water that is highly structured and negatively charged, and is also the form that water molecules take in living things, as well being responsible for cloud formation due to negative charge repelling the earth. This fourth phase he says is caused by the exposure of water to infrared radiation. Once in this hexagonal matrix, the water is able to exclude dissolved particles, hence Pollack coining the term EZ (Exclusion Zone) water. He also found that in this state the water was able to absorb some light:

 (from - "Testing water samples using a UV-visible spectrometer, which measures light absorption at different wavelengths, Dr. Pollack has discovered that in the UV region of 270 nanometers, just shy of the visible range, the EZ actually absorbs light. The more of the 270 nanometer light the water absorbs, the more EZ water the sample contains. EZ water appears to be quite stable. This means it can hold the structure, even if you leave it sitting around for some time. Water samples from the river Ganges and from the Lourdes in France have been measured, showing spikes in the 270 nanometer region, suggesting these “holy waters” contain high amounts of EZ water. According to Dr. Pollack, there’s compelling evidence that EZ water is indeed lifesaving..".

So from this we can see that infrared organises water molecules into a state whereby it can absorb UV light, specifically just out of the visible range. Why is this important? We often think that life is impossible without water, but fire (or the rays of the Sun) is just as important if not more. The light of the Sun and the two types of radiation just outside of either end of the visible spectrum have an effect on water, and all organisms as they contain water, that creates an environment conducive to life. In this post I have not listed all the many health benefits of FIR therapy or saunas as this is not an advertisement. There are multitudes of other websites doing that, that also try to sell you something that mostly emits Infrared that is not in the safe FIR range. But rather, the purpose of this post is for all to gain a better understanding of the way that the Sun sustains all life.


It is a fact that frequent exposure to sunlight has a multitude of health benefits. We all know that we need it to produce vitamin D, and to help us sleep at night by regulating our circadian rhythms. But seeing how the Sun's rays affect the structure and functioning of the most abundant molecule in our bodies -- water -- it is no wonder that the Solar entity was revered by so many ancient cultures. Unfortunately in the modern era we have been told it is a source of cancer, and then we are told to apply aluminium containing lotions to protect us! In previous posts I have mentioned meditating, both standing and sitting, in the morning Sun as a great way to start the day. This is a good time because the UV rays are at their lowest at this time of day and the FIR is more abundant.

Sun gazing is a practise that has gained popularity in western countries since the early millennium. I would advise anyone wishing to do so to proceed with extreme caution. It can be a very empowering practise, though done incorrectly can cause temporary blindness. Gurus that claim that they have become breatharian as a result of sungazing have been caught out lying and even in the act of eating food. These people are cult leaders and only want your money and to have influence over you. If one must sun gaze then I recommend reading this article by Vinny Pinto One can gain significant benefit from gazing at the sun with closed or partially opened eyes--you will still absorb the far-infrared into your eyes. This is utilised in the Bates method to correct eyesight. The theory behind this is that someone with perfect eyesight will not  experience after-images from looking at full sunlight as after-images are a result of eye strain. However, we should only very gradually expose our eyes to sunlight. As in all things, exercise your own judgement and common sense.

It seems that science has a lot of catching up to what the ancients intuitively knew. But when this does happen the implications will be phenomenal. However, we must understand that there are those who would suppress this kind of knowledge as it would turn the power hierarchy upside-down. Therefore it is of vital importance for us to send our best intentions out into the Universe and manifest a better way.

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